Lusts | Sass and Bide Laser Cut Leather Tote

Purchasing a new bag is a big decision for me. I don’t like to chop and change, mainly because I like to grab and go without worrying about any of my important handbag contents being left behind.

So when choosing a new bag, it has to a) be something that will work back with my wardrobe (which is all neutrals with a pop of neon green and a slightly sport-luxe feel), b) fit my daily essentials (living in Melbourne this includes an umbrella, cardigan and sunglasses to combat our schizophrenic weather) and c) have lots of compartments so I can find said essentials in a hurry (ie lipgloss when handsome men are nearby or umbrella when a thunderstorm appears on a sunny 30 degree day).

Enter Sass and Bide’s Classically Momentous laser cut leather tote. With diamond laser cut leather in a nude hue, black leather detailing and gold hardware it ticks the box for working back with my wardrobe. The leather envelope at front is perfect for storing those items that need to be quickly retrieved (a.k.a lipgloss) and the size will fit everything I need and then some. It’s L.O.V.E.





CS x


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