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Happy new year fireworks

Happy New Year fellow Closet Stalkers!

If you’re anything like me you have already embedded your 2013 health, wealth and happiness resolutions into your brain and have set about trying to achieve at least one on the first day. But have you thought about your style resolutions? Possibly not, which is why I thought I would share mine as inspiration.

1. If you haven’t worn it in the last three months: sell it, swap it or donate it NOW.

There is no point hanging onto clothes and accessories you aren’t going to wear. If you haven’t pulled out that piece in the past 90 days, it’s very unlikely you will miss it once it’s gone. Not only will it free up space in your (undoubtedly overflowing) closet, but if you sell it at a market or on ebay you will have spare cash to buy something new and fabulous. If you swap it, you will also gain something new and exciting to add to your closet. For anything that is not worthy of selling or swapping, give it to a charity who can use it to clothe the needy.

2. Pack up last seasons garments to create extra space in your closet.

At the end of each season I always pack away any pieces that aren’t trans-seasonal to create more space in my closet for the garments I will be wearing regularly. Space bags or even a spare suitcase are great for storing the things you won’t be missing until that season rolls around again.

3. Don’t spend much money on ‘trend’ pieces.

After each fashion week we are presented with an exciting array of new trends. Some you will disregard immediately. For me it’s oversized ruffles – sorry Chloe, Givenchy and Balenciaga. Some are just a progression from a trend we saw last season and so you can just add to pieces you already have in your wardrobe – military and florals are ever-present every season, sports-luxe and pastels have been around for a few seasons now. Then there are the trends you can’t wait to adopt and sport and love – for a matter of several weeks. Be wary of ‘fad’ trends and look to purchase these pieces from high street brands which sell them at a lower price. Why spend a large portion of your closet funds on something you’ll be ‘over’ in six weeks? Save it for those Louboutins that you’ll love for a lifetime!

4. If you become bored of wearing your garments in the same way, look for inspiration on how to style differently.

It’s amazing how seeing someone else wear something you own, can breath new life into your wardrobe. Whenever I become uninspired by my closet contents (often!), I look to street style blogs and fashion mags on how to put my pieces together in a whole new way.

5. Look after your favourite pieces with some TLC.

In every womans’ closet there are pieces that we love and (almost literally) wear to death. But if you take special care of these favourites, they will last a lifetime. Dry clean your coats and scarves at the beginning of each winter. De-pill your woollens. Soak your summer whites in napisan for a day. Rub a conditioner into your leather shoes and bags every few months. Have you heel tips replaced often. Get rubber soles applied to your shoes to keep the actual sole in pristine condition. Polish your silver and gold jewllery to keep it shiny. At the first sign of a rip or tear, get it fixed immediately before it can worsen.

Hopefully my style resolutions have inspired you to make your own. If so, I would love you to share!

– CS

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