Staples | Nude Pumps

If there is one pair of heels you should invest in for your wardrobe, it’s a pair of nude pumps. Not only do they smarten up any outfit but they also work wonders to lengthen your legs. Now what gal doesn’t value that benefit!

Whether you are pairing with a casual outfit, completing a nine to five look or accessorising a red carpet frock, a nude pump will always result in chic, sophisticated and effortless style.

Here are a couple of my favourite styles.




A whole gaggle of celebrities are advocates of a nude pump.





The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is probably the ultimate poster girl for nude pumps, spotted everywhere in her L.K Bennett patent heels.


One thought on “Staples | Nude Pumps

  1. i agree that a pair of nude pumps (in several shades of nude) are closet essentials, but they must come with a warning. As a woman who is 6’0″ and struggles to find skirts that are “appropriately long” for professional setting, nude pumps can be the undoing – those long legs look too long, the skirt too short…and soon your HR director may just be sending your home to change clothes…not that I know from experience or anything. Loved your blog!


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